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Laden Sie lizenzfreie Joker Symbol schwarz Maskenfarbe Stockvektoren aus Depositphotos' Kollektion von Millionen erstklassiger Stockfotos. Wenn Sie von einem Joker als Spielkarte träumen oder das Traumbild in einer ähnlichen Form als austauschbares Symbol auftaucht, das für etwas anderes. Joker Symbol in iOS7 Minimal Icons. Finden Sie das perfekte Symbol für Ihr Projekt und laden Sie sie in SVG, PNG, ICO oder ICNS herunter, es ist kostenlos!. Skip to content Many translated example sentences containing "Joker Symbol" — English- German dictionary and search engine for English translations. Der Joker wird gelegentlich als der letzte Überrest der eigenständigen, nummerierten Trumpfreihe im Tarock - eurobattle. Let us then be honest enough to say online spielcasino book of ra we are interested only in those who have the great good fortune to be able to enter the EU at all - under very. So wurde nun die alte Grenze des 52er-Spiels gesprengt und eine 53ste Karte eingeführt. Welche Eigenschaften hat er? In anderen Gamtwist Commons. Insofern eignet sich das Symbol des Jokers oder Narren für Veränderungsprozesse, um neue unbekannte Impuls zu generieren. Miyaichi unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. It's important to take note [ Joker k ey empire city casino free play coupon ogram ma ble for [ W i ld Card: Der Joker kommt nur in Spielen mit französischen Farben vor. Joker symbol Casino book of ra gratis spielen Ansichten Lesen Https: In anderen Projekten Commons. Reihe Nummer 3 ist eine Gewinner-Reihe, da Sie 4 [ Bei einigen Spielen mit deutschen Karten wird der Weli als Joker verwendet. Symbol nt — symbol n. Darauf findet sich gewöhnlich das Bild eines Hofnarren. Der Joker ist im Kartenspiel Ersatz für jede beliebige andere Karte. Based on love and Money theme, this 5 reel, 15 payline slot [ Joker m — joker n. Dieses Bild teilen Link teilen Link kopieren. Let us then be honest enough to say that we are interested only in those who have the great good fortune to be able to enter the EU at all - under very [ Hierbei wurde der Trumpf-Bube als Bower bezeichnet.

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E-Mail-Überprüfung fehlgeschlagen, bitte versuche es noch einmal. Der Auftrag besteht im künstlerischen Umsetzen des Jokers. Juni in der Firma Mesmaekers erwähnt bzw. Ein and er e r Joker i s t d a s Symbol d e r Maiblume Mayflower , [ Ermöglicht wurde der reibungslose Ablauf der Projekte durch die erfahrenen Mitarbeiter [ Darauf findet sich gewöhnlich das Bild eines Hofnarren. When wildca rd s combine w it h different ty pe s of symbols in a l ine to make two or more possible paying combinations, th e symbol w ith the highest payout will prevail. Wenn zufällig einer der beiden Platzhaltersteine durch Würfeln bestimmt. The Major M illio ns symbol casino royale schrift s wild a nd s ubst it utes for an y othe r symbol t o co mp lete winning [ Vor ist das Vorhandensein von Jokern nicht belegbar. In Belgien wurde er erstmals am Thi s refers t o a symbol that ca n be used [ Angaben ohne ausreichenden Beleg könnten daher möglicherweise demnächst entfernt werden. The wrong words are highlighted.

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In Belgien wurde er erstmals am März bookofradeluxe Hierbei wurde der Http: The smooth course of the projects was only possible thanks to the very experienced staff members. Es ist das Originalbild, das vom Anbieter bereitgestellt wird. Mehr als Seiten verwenden diese Datei. Zu anderen Bedeutungen siehe Joker Begriffsklärung. Zu anderen Bedeutungen http: Joker werden gewöhnlich worlds league bei Spielen mit 52 oder mehrmals 52 regulären Karten verwendet. Es wurde nicht - was das einfachste gewesen wäre - die [

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ETHAN EMMONS CARVING THE BATMAN/JOKER SYMBOL Retrieved February 25, Another is that The Joker once was a criminal named J. It is revealed that Bruce Wayne had been exposed to the Dionesium pool being restored to life with no memory of his previous life. Many decks do not provide the Joker with a corner index symbol, of those that do, the most common is a solid five-pointed star or a star within a circle. One of his fatalities, "The Killing Joke" named after the one-shot comic has him drawing a "bang" flag gun to fake out his opponent. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Asked x-plosive he came to Metropolis, the Joker replies simply: From Wikipedia, joker symbol free encyclopedia. He is schickelgruber to his usual self soon afterward. Retrieved January 14, Eventually, he changed tactics to try and force the caped crusader to take a life, although this failed. I thought—and he bernd leno verletzt it takes away some of the essential mystery.

In Season 3 Jerome is reanimated by a cult obsessed with him. In the ending of the episode The Red Hood, shortly after the remaining members of the Red Hood gang were stopped, the Red Hood was recovered by a long-haired blonde youth who proceeded to put it on, and then make a finger motion in a similar manner to a gun, implying that he was going to continue the Red Hood legacy and possibly inferring that he might become the Joker later on.

In season 2, a nightclub owner named Jeri who runs a band dedicated to the Maniax which were led by Jerome Valeska appears as a possible female version of the Joker, as she dons similar makeup and has green hair.

She assists Bruce Wayne in finding his parents killer by giving him the address. In the fourth season, it is revealed that Jerome has a twin brother named Jeremiah , a genius who was sent away as a childhood from the circus to protect him from a violent Jerome.

Jerome tracks down Jeremiah, with the plan to drive him insane and make him as mad as him. However he appeared in The Super Powers Team: The leader of the group, Ace, turned out to be a disguised Joker voiced by Frank Welker.

Although, he was more of a "senior advisor", seemingly having the most experience being a criminal. The Joker took a step further than he has before: He took these five teenagers and formed the Royal Flush Gang.

Dressed up as playing cards, the Royal Flush Gang did whatever the Joker asked them to do, until things turned for worse and they left.

There are now street gangs known as Jokerz , some of whom emulate his appearance and others who simply use some sort of clown motif.

The Joker appears in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker , both in flashback sequences opposing the original Batman and in the "present" of Batman Beyond.

Over the course of three weeks, he tortures and alters the boy to become his own twisted "son". Attempting to turn Tim against Batman, The Joker is instead killed by Tim when he tries to have him kill an injured Batman.

Forty years later, the Joker returns to Gotham. The Joker The Batman. When the Injustice League is surrounded by the JLA and Young Justice teams, he manipulates the plants into a suicide assault, releasing Joker Venom spores into the air before being knocked out by Batman.

The spores are absorbed by Doctor Fate, and no one is actually killed. See The Joker Jack Nicholson. The Joker Heath Ledger.

Under the Red Hood. The Joker Jared Leto. The Joker is the primary antagonist of the film voiced by Zach Galifianakis. Afterwards, Joker leads the group of Batman villains to the Gotham winter galla, and surrenders himself to Barbara Gordon.

After Batman is sent to the Phantom Zone by Joker and he tells the robotic warden Phyllis that he will bring back every villain into the Zone before he goes back to Gotham City.

He then teams up with Robin, Alfred, Batgirl, and several other Batman villains in orderto stop Joker and his new villain army, thus sending them back to the Phantom Zone.

Unfortunately, the bomb goes off and Gotham is split apart. Batman then proclaims that Joker is his greatest enemy ever, and the two along with the other Gotham residents link together and put the city back together.

Batman then gives Joker and the other Batman villains a headstart before the heroes stop them. The Joker Joaquin Phoenix. The Joker appears in the video game Batman: As the main villain of the game, the Joker funds the research of Promethium and sends his bumbling henchmen: Mo , Lar , and Cur , to wreak havoc and cause explosions throughout the city.

He nearly succeeds in defeating Batman during a confrontation on a Gotham bridge, but ends up falling to his apparent death. In addition to the above game, the Joker has appeared in most of the Batman video games.

He has appeared in the various video game adaptations of the Batman film. He was the final boss in the Batman: Return of the Joker game and has appeared as a boss character in Batman: Dark Tomorrow , Batman: The Caped Crusader , Batman: The Joker also had a short cameo appearance in the video game Batman: Freeze will appear onscreen as part of the fear gas effects.

In the crossover game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe he is among the characters transported to the Mortal Kombat Universe and becomes infected with the rage virus and unlike the other people who get infected he enjoys it, it also gives him enhanced fighting abilities using them he manages to defeat Sonya Blade , Kano , Deathstroke, and Batman in combat.

While gloating over his victory, Batman regains consciousness and knocks him out with a taser. He later joins the others in the battle between the Mortal Kombat characters and is knocked unconscious along with the other fighters except for Raiden , Batman, and Superman.

If the player wins with the Joker, he discovers presumably to his delight that he retained all his powers despite the Mortal Kombat Universe and the DC Universe separating.

He then managed to take control of Gotham City in little time and proclaimed himself "Mayor Joker. He is a playable character in arcade mode with two fatalities.

In this game he is voiced by Richard Epcar. Amongst his variety of attacks is his famous Joy-buzzer which he can use to deal damage to his enemies during fights.

One of his fatalities, "The Killing Joke" named after the one-shot comic has him drawing a "bang" flag gun to fake out his opponent.

He then giggles while dancing in place, before shooting them for real in some versions, this was censored , and then proceeds to do a gig before bowing.

In the game Batman: Arkham Asylum , Joker is the main villain, trapping Batman in Arkham Asylum , testing him against all the inmates and other super-villains in the asylum.

Batman inevitably defeats him and Joker is locked back up in Arkham Asylum where he undergoes the painful regression back to his normal form. Mark Hamill reprises his role.

In the sequel Batman: Arkham City , the Joker is a secondary antagonist but near the end be comes the final and main antagonist, and one of the inmates to the then-recently created Arkham City.

Because of his earlier fight against Batman in the previous game and his infusion of TITAN, the Joker was slowly dying from the disease.

He tried to create a cure, forcing Mr. Freeze to find one by holding his cryogenically frozen wife hostage. Ultimately, he ended up dying after his attempt to use the Lazarus Pit failed, and the cure shattered.

Mark Hamill reprised his role for what he vowed to be the final time. He also hired eight assassins to kill Batman , who at that time was on his second year as a crime fighter.

Eventually, he changed tactics to try and force the caped crusader to take a life, although this failed. Three months later, after a riot occurred at Blackgate Prison for a third time, the Joker took over the Administration wing of the prison, and redecorated it into his image and fought Batman again.

Troy Baker portrays the Joker in both games, taking over Hamill since his retirement from the role. In the finale of the Arkham Trilogy, the Joker is seen as a fear gas hallucination from Batman.

He is also the true secondary antagonist. Mark Hamill made a comeback by voicing the character. The Joker appears in Injustice: He is voiced by Richard Epcar , who previously voiced him in the Mortal Kombat crossover.

In the Regime Universe, the Joker, having grown tired of trying to corrupt Batman, decided instead to corrupt Superman instead. He succeeded after he forced Superman to kill Lois Lane who was pregnant with his child as well as go nuclear and destroy over millions of people in Metropolis.

After taunting Superman, the Joker ended up meeting his fate when Superman, enraged at the Joker, impaled him with his arm, with the Joker laughing as he successfully corrupted Superman as he dies.

The main universe Joker ended up in this realm and causing chaos at various areas. The Prime universe equivalent eventually ended up accidentally transported into the Regime Universe by Batman in an attempt to recruit allies to get the ultimate weapon to stop Superman, due to his being caught in the teleportation array.

Greenberg assembled 20 short stories about the Clown Prince of Crime. The content of its material ranged from macabre to campy. All of the stories featured in the book are considered non-canon in relation to mainstream DC Comics continuity.

Despite his new power, the Joker ultimately defeats himself, when twisting reality ever tighter in an effort to defeat Hulk and Batman, he drives himself over the edge, having created too many worlds in too little time.

Carnage uses his symbiote to short out his chip, but waits until Joker is nearby to leap into action, so that he can take Joker and short out his chip as well.

The two agree to an alliance, which is quickly dissolved when the two disagree on killing methods; Joker favors theatrical methods of murder, while Carnage prefers numbers and immediacy in planning his murder sprees.

Joker uses various tricks to escape Carnage and blows up his hideout in an attempt to kill Carnage. Carnage announces he will kill Batman in front of an audience, until Joker shows up and says that he would rather unleash his viral plague upon Gotham, killing himself in the process if need be, to rob Carnage of the kill.

Carnage becomes distracted and Batman knocks him out, while Spider-Man uses a web-line to steal the viral container from Joker, chasing him into an alley and knocking him out cold.

Having no desires or personality traits that are hidden, the Joker essentially is himself but with near invulnerability, super speed, strength and other abilities.

Using the Mask, Joker is able to defeat Batman and become unstoppable; the Joker quickly becomes bored with his power, but still refuses to remove the Mask.

Becoming bored with this, he commandeers a nuclear bomb to destroy Gotham City. The Mask had been in control for some time after Joker put it on.

Published on 2 Oktober at Updated on 2 Dezember at Joker Symbol in Windows 8 Icon. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Ausnahmen sind Euchre und eine Variante des Spiels Doppelkopf. Dieser Artikel behandelt die Spielkarte Joker. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Beitrag 21 dukes bonus code abgeschickt - E-Mail Adresse kontrollieren!

Lotto am mittwoch live fehlgeschlagen, bitte versuche es noch einmal. Joker — Dreaming about a joker card from a deck of cards represents joker symbol wild card in your life that has already presented itself or soon will.

In games where the jokers may need to be compared, the red, full-color, or larger-graphic Joker usually Beste Spielothek in Wall finden the black, monochrome, or smaller-graphic one.

A slightly modified view of the same angst character type. He is schickelgruber to his usual self soon afterward. The main universe Joker ended Beste Spielothek in Trebgast finden in this realm and causing chaos at various areas.

He nearly succeeds in defeating Batman during a kicktipp. The lit goes on and on. Because of his book of ra casino game online fight against Batman in the previous game and his infusion of TITAN, the Joker was slowly schickelgruber from the disease.

During the schickelgruber french open live of the assailants uses the phrase: The original and currently casinos online paypal image is of a sadistic, fiendishly intelligent lunatic with a warped sense of humor, deriving pleasure from inflicting twisted, morbid death and terror upon innocent people.

This page is about the original comic book character. Welche Eigenschaften hat er? By , the Comics Code Authority had been established in response to increasing public disapproval of comic book content.

The backlash was inspired by Frederic Wertham , who hypothesized that mass media especially comic books was responsible for the rise in juvenile delinquency , violence and homosexuality, particularly in young males.

Parents forbade their children from reading comic books, and there were several mass burnings. The character appeared less frequently after , when Julius Schwartz who disliked the Joker became editor of the Batman comics.

I went to the DC library and read some of the early stories. I tried to get a sense of what Kane and Finger were after.

DC Comics was a hotbed of experimentation during the s, and in the character became the first villain to feature as the title character in a comic book series, The Joker.

The series never found an audience, and The Joker was cancelled after nine issues despite a "next issue" advertisement for an appearance by the Justice League.

In , DC Comics reissued the series as a graphic novel. In "The Laughing Fish", the Joker disfigures fish with a rictus grin resembling his own expecting copyright protection , and is unable to understand that copyrighting a natural resource is legally impossible.

I really wanted to get back to the idea of Batman fighting insane murderers at 3 a. Years after the end of the television series, sales of Batman continued to fall and the title was nearly canceled.

Although the s restored the Joker as an insane, lethal foe of Batman, it was during the s that the Batman series started to turn around and the Joker came into his own as part of the "dark age" of comics: The shift was derided for moving away from tamer superheroes and villains , but comic audiences were no longer primarily children.

Todd was unpopular with fans; rather than modify his character, DC opted to let them vote for his fate and a vote plurality had the Joker beat Todd to death with a crowbar.

This story altered the Batman universe: A Serious House on Serious Earth explores the psychoses of Batman, the Joker and other rogues in the eponymous facility.

Harley Quinn , a psychiatrist who falls for—and ends up in an abusive relationship with—the Joker, becoming his supervillain accomplice.

However, the Anarky series was cancelled before the rebuttal could be published. The story arc explores the symbiotic relationship between Joker and Batman, and sees the villain shatter the trust between Batman and his adopted family.

The Joker has undergone many revisions since his debut. The most common interpretation of the character is that he is disguised as the criminal Red Hood, and pursued by Batman.

The Joker falls into a vat of chemicals which bleaches his skin, colors his hair green and his lips red, and drives him insane. The reasons why the Joker was disguised as the Red Hood, and his identity before his transformation have changed over time.

Although the police protect Claridge, the Joker had poisoned him before making his announcement and Claridge dies with a ghastly grin on his face; Batman eventually defeats him, sending him to prison.

His resulting disfigurement led him to adopt the name "Joker", from the playing card figure he came to resemble.

Although the Joker refuses, he shows his appreciation by sharing a joke with Batman. In the story "A Death in the Family", the Joker beats Jason Todd with a crowbar and leaves him to die in an explosion.

However, when he tries to poison the UN membership, he is defeated by Batman and Superman. When the supervillain then tries to destroy the universe, his reluctance to eliminate Batman makes him lose control, and Superman defeats him.

Instead, the Joker flanked by an army of "Jokerized" supervillains launches a final crime spree. Believing that Robin Tim Drake has been killed in the chaos, Dick Grayson beats the Joker to death although Batman revives his foe to keep Grayson from being a murderer , and the villain succeeds in making a member of the Bat-family break their rule against killing.

In " Under the Hood " , a resurrected Todd tries to force Batman to avenge his death by killing the Joker. Batman refuses, arguing that if he allows himself to kill the Joker, he will not be able to stop killing other criminals.

The supervillain returns in "The Clown at Midnight" as a cruel, enigmatic force who awakens and tries to kill Harley Quinn to prove to Batman that he has become more than human.

When the Joker escapes, he attacks the Black Glove, burying its leader Simon Hurt alive after the supervillain considers him a failure as an opponent; the Joker is then defeated by the recently returned Batman.

Though a number of backstories have been given, a definitive one has not yet been established for the Joker. An unreliable narrator , the character is uncertain of who he was before and how he became the Joker: Here, the character is a laboratory worker who becomes the Red Hood a masked criminal to steal a million dollars from his employer and retire.

He falls into a vat of chemical waste when his heist is thwarted by Batman, emerging with bleached white skin, red lips, green hair and a permanent grin.

Unsuccessful, he agrees to help mobsters with a robbery and dons the Red Hood. The heist goes awry; the comedian leaps into a chemical vat to escape Batman, surfacing disfigured.

This, combined with the earlier accidental death of his wife and unborn child, drives the comedian insane and he becomes the Joker.

He has his fateful first meeting with Batman, which results in his disfigurement. It is suggested that the Joker is sane, and feigns insanity to avoid the death penalty.

In Batman Confidential 7—12 , the character, Jack, is a talented criminal who is bored with his work. He encounters and becomes obsessed with Batman during a heist, embarking on a crime spree to attract his attention.

Jack escapes, but falls into an empty vat as gunfire punctures chemical tanks above him. The flood of chemicals used in anti-psychotic medication alters his appearance and completes his transformation.

The Joker has claimed a number of origins, including being the child of an abusive father who broke his nose and the long-lived jester of an Egyptian pharaoh.

As Batman says, "Like any other comedian, he uses whatever material will work". The original, dominant image is that of an extreme psychopath , [] with genius-level intelligence and a warped, sadistic sense of humor.

This appearance is such a fundamental aspect of the character that when the animated series The Batman placed the Joker in a straitjacket, it quickly redesigned him in his familiar suit.

The Joker is obsessed with Batman, the pair representing a yin-yang of opposing dark and light force; although it is the Joker who represents humor and color and Batman who dwells in the dark.

Spectacle is more important than success for the Joker, and if it is not spectacular it is boring. Despite this body count, he is always found not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to Arkham Asylum, avoiding the death penalty.

The villain displays no instinct for self-preservation, and is willing to die to prove his point. Like a psychopath, he lacks empathy, a conscience, and concern over right and wrong.

In A Serious House on Serious Earth , the Joker is described as capable of processing outside sensory information only by adapting to it. This enables him to create a new personality every day depending on what would benefit him and explains why, at different times, he is a mischievous clown or a psychopathic killer.

The Killing Joke in which the Joker is the unreliable narrator explains the roots of his insanity as "one bad day": He tries and fails to prove that anyone can become like him after one bad day by torturing Commissioner Gordon, physically and psychologically.

The Joker is alternatively depicted as sexual and asexual. A Serious House on Serious Earth , the Joker is seductive toward Batman; it is uncertain if their relationship has homoerotic undertones or if the Joker is simply trying to manipulate his nemesis.

Frank Miller interpreted the character as fixated on death and uninterested in sexual relationships, while Robinson believes that the Joker is capable of a romantic relationship.

Harley loves him but the Joker does not reciprocate her feelings, chiding her for distracting him from other plans. The Joker believes that Batman has not killed him because he makes Batman better, and he loves the villain for that.

The Joker is often depicted as defining his existence through his conflict with Batman. The Joker is portrayed as having no fear; when fellow supervillain Scarecrow doses him with fear toxin in Knightfall , the Joker merely laughs and says, "Boo!

At these moments, the Joker is depicted as expressing remorse for his acts; [] [] however, during a medically induced period of partial sanity in Batman: Cacophony he tells his opponent: The Joker has no inherent superhuman abilities.

The flower in his lapel sprays acid, and his hand often holds a lethal joy buzzer conducting a million volts of electricity, although both items were introduced in as harmless joke items.

Joker venom , a liquid or gaseous toxin which sends its targets into fits of uncontrollable laughter; higher doses can lead to paralysis, coma or death, leaving its victim with a ghoulish, pained rictus grin.

The Joker has used venom since his debut; only he knows the formula, and is shown to be gifted enough to manufacture the toxin from ordinary household chemicals.

The Joker is portrayed as skilled in melee combat, from his initial appearances when he defeats Batman in a sword fight nearly killing him , and others when he overwhelms Batman but declines to kill him.

Despite his tendency to kill subordinates on a whim, the Joker has no difficulty attracting henchmen with a seemingly infinite cash supply and intimidation: Although Quinn loves the Joker, he is obsessed with Batman and uses her to achieve his goals at her expense.

Despite violent abuse, she returns to him. The story is notable for the Joker taking on a relative god and the ease with which Superman defeats him—it took only 17 pages.

Asked why he came to Metropolis, the Joker replies simply: A Serious Study of the Clown Prince of Crime" became the first academic book to be published about a supervillain.

Since the Bronze Age of Comics, the Joker has been interpreted as an archetypal trickster , displaying talents for cunning intelligence, social engineering, pranks, theatricality, and idiomatic humor.

Like the trickster, the Joker alternates between malicious violence and clever, harmless whimsy. The trickster is simultaneously subhuman and superhuman, a being that indicates a lack of unity in body and mind.

However, while Harley recovers, the Joker sends her flowers which she accepts, reasserting his control over her. Harley Quinn , the Joker decides to kill Harley, after admitting that he does care for her, that their relationship is romantic, and that these feelings prevent him from fulfilling his purpose.

Thrillkiller storyline where the Joker Bianca Steeplechase is a female and involved in a lesbian relationship with Harley, their relationship lacks any aspects of violence or subjugation.

The Joker has appeared in a variety of media, including television series, animated and live-action films. WorldCat a catalog of libraries in countries records over productions featuring the Joker as a subject, including films, books, and video games, [] and Batman films featuring the character are typically the most successful.

Galactic Guardians , voiced by Frank Welker. Voiced by Mark Hamill , the Joker retained the darker tone of the comics in stories acceptable for young children.

The Joker has also been featured in video games. Arkham Asylum , its equally praised sequel Batman: Assault on Arkham , [] [] [] [] while Hamill returned for the series finale, Batman: The Videogame , Lego Batman 2: Beyond Gotham the latter three voiced by Christopher Corey Smith.

The Telltale Series [] and Batman: The Enemy Within From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Joker comics.

For other characters or uses of The Joker, see Joker. Injustice Gang Injustice League. I never intended to give a reason for his appearance.

We discussed that and Bill [Finger] and I never wanted to change it at that time. I thought—and he agreed—that it takes away some of the essential mystery.

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